Nihon Koshuha

@High Vacuum Microwave Components

High Vacuum Microwave Components are indispensable for High Energy Accelerator, Nuclear Fusion, and Medical equipment which required high power.
Nihon Koshuha has eminent technologies in these fields, and been manufacturing these components for S-band, C-band and X-band up to 400MW ultra high power.
We have provided them to not only domestic market but also overseas countries, and received good reputations.

S-band 50MW High-power
 Dummy Load

C-band Bethe Hole Directional Coupler 
C-band 200MW Hybrid

X-band Directional Coupler

X-band Bend with View Port
X-band Straight with Vacuuming Port

X-band Straight


Phase Shifter
RF Guns
Dummy Loads & Vacuum Windows

Example of High Power High Vacuum Wave-guide System

16 Section Taper-wave-guide System for Nuclear Fusion Plasma Equipment

High Power High Vacuum Wave-guide Switch