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Products for Accelerators

Coaxial Components

Output Coaxial Equipment for Digital TV Transmitters

Coaxial Switches

Coaxial Switching Units

Manual Coaxial Switches

Antenna Switching Matrix

Dummy Loads

UHF Coaxial Band-pass Filters

ALM-2K SAM-200D Antenna Monitors



Waveguide Components

Waveguide Switches

High Power Waveguide Circulators

Waveguide Magic Tees



High Vacuum Microwave Components

High-Power High-Vacuum Microwave Components

High-Vacuum High-Power Waveguide Components for Accelerators

C-Band Hybrid Vacuum Waveguide Component

High-Power High-Vacuum Waveguide Switch

X-Band Sapphire Vacuum Window

High Vacuum High Power Dummy Loads

C-Band Bethe Hole Directional Coupler

C-Band Ridge Type 3dB Hybrid Vacuum Waveguide

Traveling-wave type High Power Vacuum Window

S-Band Motorized Phase-Shifter and Variable Attenuator


High Frequency Power Sources and Applied Equipment

13.56MHz High-Frequency Power Source

Solid State Power Amplifier

Pulse Modulator & Capacitor Charging Power Supply

Microwave Diamond Deposition Processor

L-Band High Power Amplifier PRFA-L252

RF Power Source System for Accelerator

Microwave Auto-Matching Tuner   3E Tuner AMC-MU4-01

Phase Detector


Other Products

Laser Power Sensors / Laser Absorbers

NIKORITE Microwave Absorber